Nerding out over a Shelby GT500

Yep, as a dork I test drove a 2012 Shelby GT500 September 2013.  Ever since I’ve been wondering / thinking how to get me one.

grabber blue 2012This 2012 Shelby GT500 has

  • Leather Recaro seats
  • SVT Performance Package.
  • Grabber Blue

A bit over priced (in my opinion) and is still available, so I am on the fence on making a reasonable offer (market value) for it.

Was searching the web for other 2012 Shelby GT500s and found the following

perf white 2012This 2012 Shelby has

  • SVT Performance Package
  • Navigation
  • Performance White

Unfortunately no Recaro seats but is more reasonably priced.  This one is about a 3 hour drive away, so if I go for it will be a long drive to do the paperwork.

Tough choice I like them both.  The SVT Performance Package, leather Recaro seats & Navigation package are the desirable options for me on a Shelby GT500. Am a fan of the Grabber Blue but the Performance White is nice on the Shelby GT500.

Who knows what I’ll get, if either… 😉

update; May 18, 2014; (on my bday – Jan 25, 2014) pulled the trigger and did the paperwork on the white Shelby GT500.


I am pleased with the transaction and I have driven this car for a few times. WHOA is all I have to say about this monster.  Still a little tentative to ‘get on it’ but ya, one heck of a great ride. Awesome stuff & feel very fortunate to be able to have it in my garage.

The car was delivered in February; sales man from the dealership was kind enough to send me some pictures of it being loaded on to the trailer for delivery.  Here is one of pics he sent.

being loaded on the truck for delivery
being loaded on the truck for delivery

Me and Sue (my wife) went for a cruise last weekend and we ended up in our old neighbourhood (Guild Inn – in Scarborough) and here is a picture of the GT500 in front of what is left of the Guildwood Inn.

cruising, Shelby GT500
parked by Guildwood Inn

Plan to have many smiles per mile with this one.  Life sure has it’s awesome moments, here is another in my life!





The new toy parked beside my 2003 Mach1 in the garage.  I bought the Mach 1 brand new, and it is my 1st ever new car. The second picture is them under their respective ‘blankie’.

guard dog, Mach 1, GT500
guard dog takes her place
car cover
covered Mustangs

Excited About Mustang 50th Celebration

Yep, as a ‘car-nerd’, specifically a Ford Mustang Fan (FMF), am eagerly waiting April 2014 for the trek to North Carolina in my Mach1 to participate in the Mustang 50th celebration being put on by the Mustang Club of America (MCA) & of course Ford Motor Co.

I’ll be heading to a friend’s place in PA, spending the night then next morning we’ll head out in our Mustangs to North Carolina.

Drove my Mach1 to the Mustang 40th in Nashville and Mustang 45th in Birmingham and enjoyed each event.

IF you are planning on attending either location of the Mustang 50th, yes there are 2, one in North Carolina and the other in Las Vegas, let me know where you’re headed and what Mustang you’re driving down? Or is it on a trailer??

You can find out more at

This Friday opening night

Well it had to happen and glad it did.  Last night’s rehearsal for When The Reaper Calls had multiple ‘woops’ by some of us.

Whoa, glad last night and not tomorrow.  Seems there is one rehearsal with what can go wrong does…

Getting eager and nervous for this show.

Enjoyed this play, heck I’ve enjoyed them all.  This cast includes a great bunch of people and wouldn’t mind doing other plays with them in the future.

I’ll see what type of plays the future has in-store for me.

Do wish I ‘went for this’ type of fun when I was much younger.  Have enjoyed myself and feel very grateful to be part of this or any show I have been in to date.

Thanks everyone @ LLT.  (ya I know you probably don’t even know I’m blogging about ya. *wink wink*)

Lindsay Little Theatre for When The Reaper Calls by Peter Colley

Cast as Harlan Brandstater in play with Lindsay Little Theatre and, this one is another fun one.

The play is When the Reaper Calls (Tell him I’m not in) by Peter Colley can be found @

taken from the above link

THE STORY:  Victor and Harlan are two young philosophy professors who have been friends, rivals and pranksters since their college days. But now Harlan has become a Stoic who has adopted a strict unemotional regimen in preparation for the afterlife, while Victor has turned into a wild hedonist who believes that “when you’re dead, you’re dead” and intends to squeeze every drop of pleasure from each fleeting moment. While they are vacationing with their long-suffering wives at a remote cottage on the coast of British Columbia, Victor sets up a trick to prove to Harlan the falseness of his philosophy, but the trick goes murderously wrong and all their lives are changed forever…

Show dates are Nov 22, 23, 29 & 30 2013 @ LLT.  Tickets and other information can be found at

Hope to see you there.

Say hi after the show and let me know you found me via my site!
Thanks for dropping by

Bad Dog Theatre for Micetro improvisation class / show June 29, 2013

Had fun at The Bad Dog Theatre last night with some funny people performing improvisation for Micetro show @ 945 Bloor Street West in Toronto.

can be found at

The evening started with a 1 hour warm up for us all.  Some improvisation warm ups prior to going on stage for the show.  Was a very quick hour and before I knew it was show time.

The group of us ended up taking numbers and were called up on stage to perform improvised skits.  Eight of us, called up in pairs had the opportunity to do perform two skits.  Each skit was with a different partner.

Being the new guy, and never have been at this venue or met these performers, was a VERY improvised night for me.  Drive in to Toronto from out of town didn’t seem too long but am curious if I’ll get any feedback from last night’s performance from the group.

Some funny people and I had an enjoyable time.