Bad Dog Theatre for Micetro improvisation class / show June 29, 2013

Had fun at The Bad Dog Theatre last night with some funny people performing improvisation for Micetro show @ 945 Bloor Street West in Toronto.

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The evening started with a 1 hour warm up for us all.  Some improvisation warm ups prior to going on stage for the show.  Was a very quick hour and before I knew it was show time.

The group of us ended up taking numbers and were called up on stage to perform improvised skits.  Eight of us, called up in pairs had the opportunity to do perform two skits.  Each skit was with a different partner.

Being the new guy, and never have been at this venue or met these performers, was a VERY improvised night for me.  Drive in to Toronto from out of town didn’t seem too long but am curious if I’ll get any feedback from last night’s performance from the group.

Some funny people and I had an enjoyable time.