This Friday opening night

Well it had to happen and glad it did.  Last night’s rehearsal for When The Reaper Calls had multiple ‘woops’ by some of us.

Whoa, glad last night and not tomorrow.  Seems there is one rehearsal with what can go wrong does…

Getting eager and nervous for this show.

Enjoyed this play, heck I’ve enjoyed them all.  This cast includes a great bunch of people and wouldn’t mind doing other plays with them in the future.

I’ll see what type of plays the future has in-store for me.

Do wish I ‘went for this’ type of fun when I was much younger.  Have enjoyed myself and feel very grateful to be part of this or any show I have been in to date.

Thanks everyone @ LLT.  (ya I know you probably don’t even know I’m blogging about ya. *wink wink*)