Year: 2014

Rehearsals for “Men Are Dogs” by Joe Simonelli

I was offered a role as Bob in the play “Men Are Dogs” by Joe Simonelli. This show is being put on by the Manvers Amateur Dramatic Society (MADS for short) and will be presented the weekend after Thanksgiving. In

It’s true – Rich do get richer…

The cost of living today here in Canada is getting out of control. When I was 16 y/o a litre of gas was 49 cents a litre.  This week I paid $1.31 a litre for gas in my car.  REALLY? 

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“Enchanted April” by Matthew Barber

On May 3, 2014 I went to an audition at the Peterborough Theatre Guild, for a role in “Enchanted April” by Matthew Barber.  I feel the initial audition went well. Update: Call back for 2nd round of auditions this Saturday

Frost Quakes

Whoa, never heard of them before & yet seems that many people are aware. Well from this winter seems many more of us are ‘in the know’.  Grew up in Toronto and this was not something that was over heard