Frost Quakes

Whoa, never heard of them before & yet seems that many people are aware.

Well from this winter seems many more of us are ‘in the know’.  Grew up in Toronto and this was not something that was over heard in discussions.  But this season, out here in Bethany, ON – man-o-man, are you kidding me??  They are occurring quite frequently.

These ‘events’ seem like something LARGE hit the side of the home.  Not sure if the home construction has to do with it, but since we are concrete form construction, when a ‘frost quake’ event occurs, the house makes us aware.

Started early in the season out here, one night in bed hear something and think what the heck. Not sure if some animal attempted to gain access to my garage or something hit the home, took a look around but was unable to discover the cause.  Continued for a few nights  & finally I ‘googled’ a description of the sound. – side note, funny how now ‘Google’ is an active part of our vocabulary as a noun OR verb or…

Where was I, oh ya, the response indicated something called ‘Frost Quakes’ & I was like, HUH?

Now even on the news channel I watch, ya ya, even tho I don’t live in Toronto any longer I still watch Toronto news.  I like Global Toronto great cast with the whole news team that are really good.  News, weather or stories I enjoy them & been watching ever since i lived in Toronto.)  During commercial breaks I jump to City News or CBC briefly & these Frost Quakes are mentioned all around.

Something on twitter about them too.  Neat.

Have you had any ‘Frost Quake’ events you’d like to share?

Let me know by leaving a reply.

Thank you.