It’s true – Rich do get richer…

The cost of living today here in Canada is getting out of control.

When I was 16 y/o a litre of gas was 49 cents a litre.  This week I paid $1.31 a litre for gas in my car.  REALLY?  I see record profits from these HUGE oil companies yet they at ANY chance raise the price of oil, which directly reflects on the price of gas at the pumps.  Goes up and up, hardly ever returns to a ‘reasonable’ price.  The excuse for the raise at the pumps INSTANTLY is the price for crude oil went up that day… BUT when the price of crude oil decreases a little, the price at the pump does not go down because the excuse is the gas in the tanks was refined with the more expensive oil… (2 steps forward for increase & a half step – only VERY occasionally back) UH REALLY?  Ever since the mental issue of getting the price at the pump over a dollar per litre these companies are taking complete advantage of us consumers as we are (at least in North America) tied to our automobile.

Profit… When is enough… enough?

Money makes money and unfortunately me and many I know are in the pay to survive life style.  Cost of living increases and the lack of reason or an explanation for these increases.

There are no ways to travel into larger metropolitan areas from remote cities / towns without using a car.  In Ontario anyway; VIA rail is costly and not that reliable.  I know, lived in Trenton Ontario for a while, my wife still worked in Scarborough.  We thought using VIA rail would be great, NOPE.  Cost is too high and too often the train would not run (snow on tracks – really this IS Canada, ya think that would be a non-issue)

The corporate world is in charge and seem to be able to determine what law is passed to suit their needs – regardless of how this impacts any where else, eg environment, other people etc.

Money makes money.  ya

Sad that we are probably the only living organism on the plant that knowingly profits from harming our own kind.  Not even going to touch the race item (sad this is even still quite prevalent in today’s world).

With elections soon to be held here in Ontario, I unfortunately do not see any viable party.  Liberals make a mockery of the tax payers (ya ya, some of you are not going to like that)  and our current non elected Premier feels they did no wrong.  Meh

NDP party for some good ideas, supported the current liberal minority gov’t TOOOO long to get my vote.

If John Tory was still in charge of the provincial PC, my vote would be with him.  Current PC leader Tim Hudak – I dunno, not sure what he feels is best.  Yes I agree, job creation is important in Ontario, as IMO under the long run of the liberal party we in Ontario lost many jobs.  Example, one of my brothers has been unemployed for over 2 years now.  WHY?  Back to jobs in Ontario, yes get them back but at what expense?  We cannot afford any more tax increases.

Cost of hydro, natural gas – home essentials has gone up TOO MUCH.  Liberal party permitted these raises in costs to continue and did nothing to help us average ‘Joe’.  Definitely lost my vote.(I’ll get into my beef about home expenses in another rant soon)

Great now I lost my train of thought, so I will stop here.

Not sure if my displeasure of the world is a combination of getting older and ‘wiser’ <– yes in quotes… and I now see the BS of greed and corruption… Or in fact the world economy is in trouble and as appears to me anyway that the “rich” are getting richer.


“Enchanted April” by Matthew Barber

On May 3, 2014 I went to an audition at the Peterborough Theatre Guild, for a role in “Enchanted April” by Matthew Barber.  I feel the initial audition went well.


Call back for 2nd round of auditions this Saturday May 10th !

June 29, 2014: about 6 weeks to this show; as a cast we’ve done a full run.

Oh yeah, this is going to be a great play.  Feel privileged to be part of this talent group!