To Audition

Mother Puss Bucket… Yeah a harsh way to start a thought this blog entry but IMO applicable.
I have done community theatre for a bit now and was looking to branch out and get back to the Toronto area. Noticed auditions for a theatre company in the east end of Toronto, for a play that I have already done but the catch for the audition was to have a 1 minute prepared monologue. I have never auditioned with a prepared monologue but am GREAT at cold reads and have been in multiple plays, a lead character with long dialogues, so no brainer right??

I found a monologue that worked and got it to memory pretty darned fast. Daily I would ‘perform’ this monologue to myself and proved to myself that yes I had it down cold. Before I went to sleep at night, I would ‘run’ it in my head and was very confident. Daily I would run it in the AM and it seemed perfect.
ON the drive to the audition I ‘performed’ it as I drove there a couple times and all was ‘poifect’.
I got to the audition and again this was for community theatre – not a paid gig – I freaking flubbed the monologue. AARRRGGGGG!!!
The director and other people I was auditioning for were very generous and let me go again etc.
Needless to say I did not get the role for the part already performed and strongly believe it was due to my lack luster monologue.
I did get some positive feedback from them and they loved my monologue choice as it had a ‘funny’ delivery and they laughed at the right places.
So yep, I goofed and am frustrated but I did learn a valuable lesson on what to expect in a monologue prepared audition – I plan to use this learned lesson for any future attempts.

My question to you is; have you had any similar auditions that you care to share? I doubt I am alone with this flub.
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Thank you.