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Hi, 1st of all many thanks for taking the time to read this or my other  blog post(s).  More thanks if you take the time to respond or reply.

This blog is a short one that consists of a question to my readership.

Many have reached out to me and asked about topics so I am asking you what would be a great topic you would like to read as my next blog post?  I am pretty versed in many things and enjoy writing so win win for us all.  If you want a particular topic please post a reply to this or reach out via my website @ and use the contact me form for suggestions.  Please fill in all necessary fields on my contact form or it will not complete.  You do not need to include an attachment but if you care to you may.

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Anyway, off my soap box now and looking forward to your replies.  I will post all worthy replies as I am able.

Read from ya soon!


Hey There!

Not sure if this will work or not but this blog post is seeking feedback, replies or comments from “My Readership ” about things you like to do. Please keep it clean, don’t want to have the cyber police that kind of interested in this site.

Today is Friday, and here in Ontario Canada spring is ‘just’ around the corner.
Are you a person that loves winter, sledding, skating, snow ball fights, “snow-people” building (ya I went there), ice fishing etc? – to my friends in the south no, ice fishing does not mean attempting to catch ice.
Me personally, must be an age thang – getting older – but I am not a winter person. Ya ok, sort of stoopid statement since Canada is my home but none the less, I am wintered out.
Warm weather for me, sunshine and a warm breeze is better than the biting cold of old man winter.
So many things to enjoy in the summer for example, I like to BBQ. Ya, anything BBQ’d. (as a smart a** years ago while making BBQ burgers attempted to BBQ some bacon – DUH not a smart idea. The bacon burnt up pretty darned fast.) Oh ya and bought a smoker last year and tried a couple attempts at smoking ribs and another attempt was wings. OMFG, ya they were good, mmmm now I am hungry.

Where the heck was I?…

Oh ya, summer activities for me.
Enjoy walking my dog in the summer much more than freezing my feet, and every other part of me during the cold months of winter.
Summer, it is awesome sitting on the deck in the backyard, warm sun in the sky, nice light warm breeze and a cold wobbly pop in my hand.
Easier to sit with family and friends outside in the summer, longer days.
Something else to enjoy is taking a cruise in my car with “two sixty air-conditioning” (for those not in the know – two sixty air-conditioning is opening 2 windows and driving 60 miles – ahem, an hour).

miles of smiles!
miles of smiles!

I love that.
Occasionally even turn on the car radio and listen to tunes but most time I enjoy the sound of my Borla exhaust – pure ear candy to me.
Good music to me is, well I am a classic rock kinda guy. Shows my age I guess.
Oh ya and there is a joy in cutting my lawn. Have a great sized yard and use the riding mower, that comes with build in beer holder – works perfectly ;).
Grass cuttin
drinkin & drivin?

You’re turn, what time of year do you like best and why?
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