Month: April 2015

Guest Blog Opportunity

  Hi there, if you are one of the many that seem to ask me if I am willing to have a guest blogger provide content for my blog, here is your opportunity. IF you would like to have a blog

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Star Wars.  Yes I AM A FAN and not ashamed of that. I have seen every one, loved them all and sure I will enjoy J.J. Abrams version(s) as well. Remember when the 1st Star Wars came out, I was

Oil @ $56 – $57 a barrel…

Okay this is rude. Oil is at $56-ish a barrel yet gas prices are stoopidly high.  WHY?  Greed, pure and simple.  The price of oil is low yet gas is at prices when oil cost MUCH more.  WHY? I am

Well now…

Hey there quick one for today. Ever say something that you regret but cannot take it back no matter what you say? Been there done that and I would like to say I am sorry and I’d love a another