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Hi there, if you are one of the many that seem to ask me if I am willing to have a guest blogger provide content for my blog, here is your opportunity.

guest blog

IF you would like to have a blog entry on my site with your name associated to YOUR blog entry, all I ask you is to send me an email with your blog  content idea  (no content yet as we will need to discuss certain items as ownership / rights to the blog once it is posted to my site, but if we agree on items) you can have a blog entry off my site associated to you.

Not going to make this easy and there are many bots that seem to be able to get around the simple restriction I have placed on my blog.  You will need to email me (my email address is found on my webpage of find my email, send me an introductory email indicating you are interested with your blog topic and I will reply to you.  Please be patient as I do have many things I do but I will reply to every email I receive regarding your blog post.

The subject line for your email to me to guest blog is below;

Subject line : My Blog Post

I receive many spam emails daily & I do try to weed out & set up my autodelete to save your email with the identified (above) subject line.  Without the subject line above (example above ) I may not notice your email to guest blog on my site.

There will be no accepted comments on this blog feed but if you have an accepted guest blog you and me will discuss what comments you will accept for your blog.

Sound like fun?  Here you go, your opportunity to have a blog entry on the web all your own.

Be my guest
Be my guest


Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Star Wars.  Yes I AM A FAN and not ashamed of that.

I have seen every one, loved them all and sure I will enjoy J.J. Abrams version(s) as well.

Remember when the 1st Star Wars came out, I was in grade school and remember talking to a friend Colin (hey man if you read this, get a hold of me via email I haven’t  seen you since you lived in the High Park area…) about it.

My father took me to see the 1st Star Wars – Episode IV. StarWarsPoster-IV AWESOME.
When episode I Star Wars Episode I

was released I took my father to see it.  He also mentioned before the movie started that he took me to see the 1st ever Star Wars and it is interesting that I took him to see this release.

Dad, when I go see the latest Star Wars release & before the movie starts I will look up and smile and think “wish you were here with me to see this one”.

I would LOVE to be in any Star Wars movie.

My acting experience is with plays on stage, 2 commercials years back and some modeling  but if I could make an appearance in a Star Wars movie, wow what a privilege that would be.

Mr. J.J. Abrams, would it be too much for me to have a small part in your next up coming Star Wars release?  I would be honoured and would give you what you ask as the character you need.  Not sure how to get in front of you to ‘audition’ so I will just put my ‘ask’ out on the web.

Saw the 1st 3 with my father, took dad to see the next three and to be in a Star Wars movie, that I would have to dedicate to my father. Would be even greater if dad was still alive to see that, but in my sole I would be proud and would give it all for dad to see.

Okay I apologize for reminiscing about my father, of course I do miss him, but anyway…

What do you think about Star Wars?  Like , love, hate etc and why?

Will not be posting any comments that are received unless they deal with Star Wars.

Looking forward to your comments…

Oil @ $56 – $57 a barrel…

Okay this is rude.

Oil is at $56-ish a barrel yet gas prices are stoopidly high.  WHY?  Greed, pure and simple.  The price of oil is low yet gas is at prices when oil cost MUCH more.  WHY?

I am tired of being bent over out of pure greed for items in life.  When is enough enough?  Not like the HUGE profits of the oil manufacturers are being directed to the better of humanity.  One can only have so much and own so many things yet they still keep bleeding us dry.

What are you thoughts on this??

Please comment.

Well now…

Hey there quick one for today.
Ever say something that you regret but cannot take it back no matter what you say?

Been there done that and I would like to say I am sorry and I’d love a another chance to be part of it.

What / where have you messed up?

Respond in comments I will review and the non spam items will be posted by me.