Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Star Wars.  Yes I AM A FAN and not ashamed of that.

I have seen every one, loved them all and sure I will enjoy J.J. Abrams version(s) as well.

Remember when the 1st Star Wars came out, I was in grade school and remember talking to a friend Colin (hey man if you read this, get a hold of me via email I haven’t  seen you since you lived in the High Park area…) about it.

My father took me to see the 1st Star Wars – Episode IV. StarWarsPoster-IV AWESOME.
When episode I Star Wars Episode I

was released I took my father to see it.  He also mentioned before the movie started that he took me to see the 1st ever Star Wars and it is interesting that I took him to see this release.

Dad, when I go see the latest Star Wars release & before the movie starts I will look up and smile and think “wish you were here with me to see this one”.

I would LOVE to be in any Star Wars movie.

My acting experience is with plays on stage, 2 commercials years back and some modeling  but if I could make an appearance in a Star Wars movie, wow what a privilege that would be.

Mr. J.J. Abrams, would it be too much for me to have a small part in your next up coming Star Wars release?  I would be honoured and would give you what you ask as the character you need.  Not sure how to get in front of you to ‘audition’ so I will just put my ‘ask’ out on the web.

Saw the 1st 3 with my father, took dad to see the next three and to be in a Star Wars movie, that I would have to dedicate to my father. Would be even greater if dad was still alive to see that, but in my sole I would be proud and would give it all for dad to see.

Okay I apologize for reminiscing about my father, of course I do miss him, but anyway…

What do you think about Star Wars?  Like , love, hate etc and why?

Will not be posting any comments that are received unless they deal with Star Wars.

Looking forward to your comments…

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