Okay first of all, I am not an educated / trained psychologist of any sort; my thoughts and experiences are being shared here. Take it or don’t – up to you. I will only allow meaningful comments about this subject.

I have stated I am a wanna be actor.

Am in my ‘midlife’ so not some young and up and coming talented and beautiful person.
Not to say I am ‘fugly’ either and I do have some life experiences and ‘smarts’ to keep me afloat.

Now after a few courses, talking to people in the acting profession and watching You Tube videos about this subject I realize I have been presenting myself all wrong.

What I mean is; previous auditions either for a commercial, TV show and even an audition for a role in community theatre in Toronto (yes I am a proud Canadian) my intent was to be memorable and ‘stand out’ from the others that are auditioning. (doesn’t everyone there want to do that??)

So instead of being myself I tried to be ‘memorable’.

What I should have done is; deep down believe that I am worthy.

Thanks Wayne & Garth

Yes I said it, I AM WORTHY! (& so are you!)

If you want it as much as I do then yes you are worthy.

The Casting Director should be eager to see what I am going to offer. I should stop worrying about what they are thinking or if they like what I am offering.
“Can’t please everyone all the time” and must be myself.

I am a fully rounded and experienced attractive person that is determined, talented and smart. They need my work ethic in their production.

The best way to move forward is to believe that I am worthy & be confident in myself (not cocky or obnoxious) and look them in the eye after the audition and take their comments / adjustments and happily move forward.

It is not an easy world to get into (hell I have been on and off since high school)but when I do have a role and performance there is no other place I would rather be.
During moments in a performance, I feel so alive and the world stops to exist.

The words to give justice to the emotions in me when ‘in the moment’ are not easy to describe for me but feels so right to me.

Life theatre is so exciting and you have to be on your toes as things can go off the rails, and when they do the joy is getting everything back on track without the audience noticing.
TV and commercials are great too, as you have to know your place and come prepared as well.

Ahh, what fun.

OH YA and BTW; if you and I are ever in an audition for the same part – best of luck to you and hope I do get it. IF you are offered the role and I am not – congratulations this time. (1st drink is on me, as I am VERY interested in how you delivered your audition!)

We compete for the roles but we don’t have to hate each other.
There are many roles available; want to have more acting friends in my life.

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Many thanks.
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