For My Parents


It was a deliberate plan with all the children working together
The only thing we did not have a handle on was of course, the weather
We had gathered family and long time friends with one purpose in mind
Together we celebrated and we cheered and yes we dined

Why do you ponder did we gather all these people
To celebrate the life long commitment of two from under a steeple
On July 18, 1959 Walter and Helena promised each other the solemn oath
To live as one together which was sealed with a kiss by both

So man and wife, they lived as one and now, 40 years have gone by
All their friends said the same thing, “time sure did fly”
Family and friends had spoke of all the times that had past
It all meant the same thing, how these two figured out how to make it last.

Thank you mother and father, I love you both

-Raymond John Ulbikas Copyright ©1999.

July 18, 1999

It was early morning and I had just awoke, enjoying the thoughts of the day gone by. Thank you to all for making this a perfect day.

There is one thing I MUST mention.
The party was held outdoors. The thing I feel compelled to bring out is the fact that for a little while there were threatening clouds with the appearance of rain. There was thunder and yes the air was humid. (usual indications of an on coming storm) but it never did rain. Actually the clouds went away and the sun did reappear and the day was perfect.
I feel it was mother nature’s way of confirming my parent’s knowledge of things. Regardless of how things seem at the current moment, if you hang in there and stick it out things will work out for the best.


This was written during a dark time. I had just moved to Stratford and the local people were not that warm to me at 1st. It took time to feel ‘part of the community’ and accepted.
This was written from feelings at 1st. (a couple of people kept in touch with since leaving Stratford and do feel they are friends)


I woke up like I do everyday
Hopin’ for the best
Doin’ the things I think I should
To fit in with the rest

I’m sitting here getting drunk
lookin’ at the phone
I said I’m sitting here getting drunk
lookin’ at the phone

My days go by so quiet
But what can I do
To live in a world alone
I don’t wish it for you

I’m sitting here getting drunk
lookin’ at the phone
I said I’m sitting here getting drunk
lookin’ at the phone

As my day draws to a close
I sit and I think
Of the other places I could be
And I have another drink

So I’m sitting here getting drunk
Lookin’ at the phone
I said I am sitting here getting drunk
Just lookin’ at the phone.

April 21, 1996

Published in “Theatre Of The Mind” in 2003

Sums It Up for Me Today

There was a time
When life did not need justification
Days came to a close
And sleep was with a clear mind
Society’s expectations had no causal effect on my view
Where my choice or decision would only impact me
My life did not feel
As it was manipulated by others
There was no concern
For what or how things are said
Nor could anyone else’s tone
Cause me concern
I am constantly feeling
That the corporate world
Has a very tight grip around my neck
How so I miss to breathe freely again.

This was published in “Theatre Of The Mind” by Noble House in 2003. The first poem in this book!



As it has been said ‘hand in hand we walked the mile’
The strength of love can be compared to the mighty river Nile
The power of love is a scary thing
Happiness for many it does bring
The unfortunate few discover it’s pain
That endures as a most stubborn stain
An experience for my enemies I would never wish
For it is so unpalatable, a most unfavorable dish
To the poor soles that have discovered the dark side of love
Lets band together bring these feelings to the cliff and shove
This can be over come but only in your mind
Get the demon out and leave ’em behind

– written January 25, 1995 by me; Ray Ulbikas

Published in The National Library Of Poetry compilation titled “The Glow Within”

My poem was published in The National Library Of Poetry compilation titled “The Glow Within” in 1997; I wrote this December 6, 1992. Love to know your thoughts on it.


There comes a time in everyone’s life
When all views have been irreversibly redirected
And not a thing is as simple, as simple as it once had been
The world is more complex always interchanging
The views of adolescence have become a simple and happy dream
All actions cannot be premeditated: One should not make a stand
Unless of course your decision is based on logical thought at your command
You experience and continue your life one day at a time
of course making some mistakes though hopefully none are a crime
To err is to be human and that should be known
Even the mighty Romans did, as history has openly shown
Hindsight is always 20/20 but this is an obvious fact
We are creatures of this dimension the past we cannot re-enact
So live your life and live it true
and this is all I have to say to you.