Little Big Guy

Well he, Gunnar was meant to be.

Alexis, our 14 y/o White Shepherd succumbed to Lymphoma on July 4, 2018 and I have been feeling lost ever since. I miss her will always think about her and cannot forget about her.

Gunnar is coming into our world this Thursday – being delivered by the breeder in Vaughn and has a great personality and is young, intelligent, energetic and playful <-- I really enjoy the 'puppy phase'. I was educated with Shepherds from Alexis (personality, intelligence etc.) and will carry that forward with Gunnar. Another obvious difference is Alexis was female and Gunnar is male. Being a male and having a male dog growing up I am aware there are personality differences between the sexes. Hunter gatherer VS nurturer. Gunnar who is 6 months old (who has basic training already and is house trained <-- big item IMO) will take some time getting to know each other & like I mentioned earlier is a male. Male personalities are 'stand-off-ish'. At least my comparison with Alexis to the family pooch growing up. Alexis was such a great personality and always ready to be with you. Not so sure Gunnar will be as 'cuddly' <-- for lack of a better descriptive word but will be a great companion to us both and for the years forward. Excited to have him here while we learn from each other over the years. To our pooch Gunnar!