Well he, Gunnar was meant to be.

Alexis, our 14 y/o White Shepherd succumbed to Lymphoma on July 4, 2018 and I have been feeling lost ever since. I miss her will always think about her and cannot forget about her.

Gunnar is coming into our world this Thursday – being delivered by the breeder in Vaughn and has a great personality and is young, intelligent, energetic and playful <-- I really enjoy the 'puppy phase'. I was educated with Shepherds from Alexis (personality, intelligence etc.) and will carry that forward with Gunnar. Another obvious difference is Alexis was female and Gunnar is male. Being a male and having a male dog growing up I am aware there are personality differences between the sexes. Hunter gatherer VS nurturer. Gunnar who is 6 months old (who has basic training already and is house trained <-- big item IMO) will take some time getting to know each other & like I mentioned earlier is a male. Male personalities are 'stand-off-ish'. At least my comparison with Alexis to the family pooch growing up. Alexis was such a great personality and always ready to be with you. Not so sure Gunnar will be as 'cuddly' <-- for lack of a better descriptive word but will be a great companion to us both and for the years forward. Excited to have him here while we learn from each other over the years. To our pooch Gunnar!

One thought on “Little Big Guy

  1. Frank Caputo says:

    So glad my Gunnar is with you now. I couldn’t have asked for a better home for him to be in. I know he will never replace your lovely girl, hopefully he will make your loss a bit more bearable. I have lost Gunnar’s Great Grandpa to very similar circumstances. With time I have learned to charrish all the wonderful memories we shared. I thank him every single day for his supreme temperament and work ability he has passed onto his progeny, for his patience while we learned the sport of Schutzhund together and most of all his unconditional love ❤️❤️

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