I wrote this in 1994 but honestly this feeling comes up more than I would like to admit.


I’m scared. I’m sad, I’m really shook up inside
I just don’t know where I can go to hide
I am feeling so very lonely and incredibly sad
And I don’t know how or why things ever got this bad

I ache for some good news, for this I need and I hope
But I need it soon for I am at the end of my rope
I am not sure of the way I fell into this rut
But this emotional strain is a door I would just love to shut

I long for the days to come back where I would be happy and I would feel
The world was on my side and everything was a good and big deal
But unfortunately those days are gone and I have almost forgotten
This is why I feel so damn rotten !!!!

September 19, 1994

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