Hi, I remember renting this video on VHS from a local video shop where I grew up. Ya ya call me old to my face…

As you can see around the 2:30 time mark, this video ALSO has a tracking issue. Adjusting tracking was something you did to adjust video quality on a VHS machine. (if interested I still have a good working model, ACCEPTING CASH offers to purchase. *wink wink*)

Anyway, like many of you I was a HUGE Robin Williams fan. Unfortunately I was never fortunate enough to see him live. I was able to see George Carlin and Bill Cosby (before his downfall) and enjoyed each respective show immensely.

Back to Mr. Williams. This man, his mind seemed to go at a million miles per hour in every possible direction and could stop on a dime. Watching him in any possible interview, I was ALWAYS amazed.
Always wished to meet Robin Williams in person and the dream was to have a sit down talk, meal or drink (yes I know he was a recovering alcoholic and to share a drink was probably not an option). Still to me, if I could have had a talk with Mr. Williams and if I was able to make HIM laugh, you know what? I would have felt so pleased with myself.
Robin Williams, a one in a million personality who was fortunate enough to work hard, not give up and was able to let the world know how brilliant he is.

Anyway, enjoy the show…

If there is an afterlife I hope our paths will cross there.

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