Hi, what do you want?

Hi, Ray here and if this is read by anyone curious if I can get a reply.

Straight forward question – What do you want?

Me? (thanks for askin’ – hehehe like you did eh?)

Personally want to be part of a cast where we are friends, we compliment each other during our performance and overall really like each other. This on a reoccurring network TV show (weekly work) or a big feature film (where we spend months together filming).

This is my big ask to the universe!

How about you?

Little Big Guy

Well he, Gunnar was meant to be.

Alexis, our 14 y/o White Shepherd succumbed to Lymphoma on July 4, 2018 and I have been feeling lost ever since. I miss her will always think about her and cannot forget about her.

Gunnar is coming into our world this Thursday – being delivered by the breeder in Vaughn and has a great personality and is young, intelligent, energetic and playful <-- I really enjoy the 'puppy phase'. I was educated with Shepherds from Alexis (personality, intelligence etc.) and will carry that forward with Gunnar. Another obvious difference is Alexis was female and Gunnar is male. Being a male and having a male dog growing up I am aware there are personality differences between the sexes. Hunter gatherer VS nurturer. Gunnar who is 6 months old (who has basic training already and is house trained <-- big item IMO) will take some time getting to know each other & like I mentioned earlier is a male. Male personalities are 'stand-off-ish'. At least my comparison with Alexis to the family pooch growing up. Alexis was such a great personality and always ready to be with you. Not so sure Gunnar will be as 'cuddly' <-- for lack of a better descriptive word but will be a great companion to us both and for the years forward. Excited to have him here while we learn from each other over the years. To our pooch Gunnar!

Fear Thy Neighbor

Four days on set in a principal role on the show “Fear Thy Neighbor” last week. I am unable to get into the details but I can say how great of an experience it was.
The cast and crew were all on their A-game and it was a pleasure to work with such professional people.

Driving home after the last day of shooting I experienced a bit of sadness as this had come to an end.
Pushes me even harder to do my best and be on more shows, more commercials looking forward to meeting more decent people.

Doubt anyone from the cast will ever see this but anyway I want to say I enjoyed the time on set and all of you are great to work with.
Many many thanks to you all!

Link to the episode

Time Flies

Has been a great summer.
Many auditions, making great contacts, learning and teaching but most important of all, having so much fun!
Love this business. No business like…

I was on set for Top Million Dollar Agent, a Octopus Media Group production.
This team are all so nice and they made me feel comfortable during the shoot and would work with this team ANY time again.
Thanks everyone for the great day and enjoyable shoot!


If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?




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Personal Confidence

Okay first of all, I am not an educated / trained psychologist of any sort; my thoughts and experiences are being shared here. Take it or don’t – up to you. I will only allow meaningful comments about this subject.

I have stated I am a wanna be actor.

Am in my ‘midlife’ so not some young and up and coming talented and beautiful person.
Not to say I am ‘fugly’ either and I do have some life experiences and ‘smarts’ to keep me afloat.

Now after a few courses, talking to people in the acting profession and watching You Tube videos about this subject I realize I have been presenting myself all wrong.

What I mean is; previous auditions either for a commercial, TV show and even an audition for a role in community theatre in Toronto (yes I am a proud Canadian) my intent was to be memorable and ‘stand out’ from the others that are auditioning. (doesn’t everyone there want to do that??)

So instead of being myself I tried to be ‘memorable’.

What I should have done is; deep down believe that I am worthy.

Thanks Wayne & Garth

Yes I said it, I AM WORTHY! (& so are you!)

If you want it as much as I do then yes you are worthy.

The Casting Director should be eager to see what I am going to offer. I should stop worrying about what they are thinking or if they like what I am offering.
“Can’t please everyone all the time” and must be myself.

I am a fully rounded and experienced attractive person that is determined, talented and smart. They need my work ethic in their production.

The best way to move forward is to believe that I am worthy & be confident in myself (not cocky or obnoxious) and look them in the eye after the audition and take their comments / adjustments and happily move forward.

It is not an easy world to get into (hell I have been on and off since high school)but when I do have a role and performance there is no other place I would rather be.
During moments in a performance, I feel so alive and the world stops to exist.

The words to give justice to the emotions in me when ‘in the moment’ are not easy to describe for me but feels so right to me.

Life theatre is so exciting and you have to be on your toes as things can go off the rails, and when they do the joy is getting everything back on track without the audience noticing.
TV and commercials are great too, as you have to know your place and come prepared as well.

Ahh, what fun.

OH YA and BTW; if you and I are ever in an audition for the same part – best of luck to you and hope I do get it. IF you are offered the role and I am not – congratulations this time. (1st drink is on me, as I am VERY interested in how you delivered your audition!)

We compete for the roles but we don’t have to hate each other.
There are many roles available; want to have more acting friends in my life.

Do you have any comments about this topic you’d like to share, please leave a comment in the comment field above, or if you would like to contact me directly – without leaving a comment, please fill the form below.

Many thanks.
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Guest Blog Opportunity


Hi there, if you are one of the many that seem to ask me if I am willing to have a guest blogger provide content for my blog, here is your opportunity.

guest blog

IF you would like to have a blog entry on my site with your name associated to YOUR blog entry, all I ask you is to send me an email with your blog  content idea  (no content yet as we will need to discuss certain items as ownership / rights to the blog once it is posted to my site, but if we agree on items) you can have a blog entry off my site associated to you.

Not going to make this easy and there are many bots that seem to be able to get around the simple restriction I have placed on my blog.  You will need to email me (my email address is found on my webpage of www.rayulbikas.com) find my email, send me an introductory email indicating you are interested with your blog topic and I will reply to you.  Please be patient as I do have many things I do but I will reply to every email I receive regarding your blog post.

The subject line for your email to me to guest blog is below;

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There will be no accepted comments on this blog feed but if you have an accepted guest blog you and me will discuss what comments you will accept for your blog.

Sound like fun?  Here you go, your opportunity to have a blog entry on the web all your own.

Be my guest
Be my guest


Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Star Wars.  Yes I AM A FAN and not ashamed of that.

I have seen every one, loved them all and sure I will enjoy J.J. Abrams version(s) as well.

Remember when the 1st Star Wars came out, I was in grade school and remember talking to a friend Colin (hey man if you read this, get a hold of me via email I haven’t  seen you since you lived in the High Park area…) about it.

My father took me to see the 1st Star Wars – Episode IV. StarWarsPoster-IV AWESOME.
When episode I Star Wars Episode I

was released I took my father to see it.  He also mentioned before the movie started that he took me to see the 1st ever Star Wars and it is interesting that I took him to see this release.

Dad, when I go see the latest Star Wars release & before the movie starts I will look up and smile and think “wish you were here with me to see this one”.

I would LOVE to be in any Star Wars movie.

My acting experience is with plays on stage, 2 commercials years back and some modeling  but if I could make an appearance in a Star Wars movie, wow what a privilege that would be.

Mr. J.J. Abrams, would it be too much for me to have a small part in your next up coming Star Wars release?  I would be honoured and would give you what you ask as the character you need.  Not sure how to get in front of you to ‘audition’ so I will just put my ‘ask’ out on the web.

Saw the 1st 3 with my father, took dad to see the next three and to be in a Star Wars movie, that I would have to dedicate to my father. Would be even greater if dad was still alive to see that, but in my sole I would be proud and would give it all for dad to see.

Okay I apologize for reminiscing about my father, of course I do miss him, but anyway…

What do you think about Star Wars?  Like , love, hate etc and why?

Will not be posting any comments that are received unless they deal with Star Wars.

Looking forward to your comments…

Oil @ $56 – $57 a barrel…

Okay this is rude.

Oil is at $56-ish a barrel yet gas prices are stoopidly high.  WHY?  Greed, pure and simple.  The price of oil is low yet gas is at prices when oil cost MUCH more.  WHY?

I am tired of being bent over out of pure greed for items in life.  When is enough enough?  Not like the HUGE profits of the oil manufacturers are being directed to the better of humanity.  One can only have so much and own so many things yet they still keep bleeding us dry.

What are you thoughts on this??

Please comment.

Well now…

Hey there quick one for today.
Ever say something that you regret but cannot take it back no matter what you say?

Been there done that and I would like to say I am sorry and I’d love a another chance to be part of it.

What / where have you messed up?

Respond in comments I will review and the non spam items will be posted by me.

Asking for suggestions on topics

Hi, 1st of all many thanks for taking the time to read this or my other  blog post(s).  More thanks if you take the time to respond or reply.

This blog is a short one that consists of a question to my readership.

Many have reached out to me and asked about topics so I am asking you what would be a great topic you would like to read as my next blog post?  I am pretty versed in many things and enjoy writing so win win for us all.  If you want a particular topic please post a reply to this or reach out via my website @ http://www.rayulbikas.com/ and use the contact me form for suggestions.  Please fill in all necessary fields on my contact form or it will not complete.  You do not need to include an attachment but if you care to you may.

I do have anti virus software installed and any attachment will be scanned and deleted so please do not assume you can Trojan me.  (THIS is not to all but the occasional individual that enjoys that kind of activity – not nice or decent of you and you should be ashamed for trying on others)

Anyway, off my soap box now and looking forward to your replies.  I will post all worthy replies as I am able.

Read from ya soon!


Hey There!

Not sure if this will work or not but this blog post is seeking feedback, replies or comments from “My Readership ” about things you like to do. Please keep it clean, don’t want to have the cyber police that kind of interested in this site.

Today is Friday, and here in Ontario Canada spring is ‘just’ around the corner.
Are you a person that loves winter, sledding, skating, snow ball fights, “snow-people” building (ya I went there), ice fishing etc? – to my friends in the south no, ice fishing does not mean attempting to catch ice.
Me personally, must be an age thang – getting older – but I am not a winter person. Ya ok, sort of stoopid statement since Canada is my home but none the less, I am wintered out.
Warm weather for me, sunshine and a warm breeze is better than the biting cold of old man winter.
So many things to enjoy in the summer for example, I like to BBQ. Ya, anything BBQ’d. (as a smart a** years ago while making BBQ burgers attempted to BBQ some bacon – DUH not a smart idea. The bacon burnt up pretty darned fast.) Oh ya and bought a smoker last year and tried a couple attempts at smoking ribs and another attempt was wings. OMFG, ya they were good, mmmm now I am hungry.

Where the heck was I?…

Oh ya, summer activities for me.
Enjoy walking my dog in the summer much more than freezing my feet, and every other part of me during the cold months of winter.
Summer, it is awesome sitting on the deck in the backyard, warm sun in the sky, nice light warm breeze and a cold wobbly pop in my hand.
Easier to sit with family and friends outside in the summer, longer days.
Something else to enjoy is taking a cruise in my car with “two sixty air-conditioning” (for those not in the know – two sixty air-conditioning is opening 2 windows and driving 60 miles – ahem, an hour).

miles of smiles!
miles of smiles!

I love that.
Occasionally even turn on the car radio and listen to tunes but most time I enjoy the sound of my Borla exhaust – pure ear candy to me.
Good music to me is, well I am a classic rock kinda guy. Shows my age I guess.
Oh ya and there is a joy in cutting my lawn. Have a great sized yard and use the riding mower, that comes with build in beer holder – works perfectly ;).
Grass cuttin
drinkin & drivin?

You’re turn, what time of year do you like best and why?
Leave A Comment is at the top of this post.
I will review and post your replies as soon as am able. Depending on where I am sometimes may take a couple days but I WILL get to all your posts!