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Hi, what do you want?

Hi, Ray here and if this is read by anyone curious if I can get a reply. Straight forward question – What do you want? Me? (thanks for askin’ – hehehe like you did eh?) Personally want to be part

Little Big Guy

Well he, Gunnar was meant to be. Alexis, our 14 y/o White Shepherd succumbed to Lymphoma on July 4, 2018 and I have been feeling lost ever since. I miss her will always think about her and cannot forget about

My Farber Licensed Insolvency Trustee commercial

Here is a link to a Farber Commercial I did.

On set

Another day to be onset for a tv show. Can’t name the show at this time.

Fear Thy Neighbor

Four days on set in a principal role on the show “Fear Thy Neighbor” last week. I am unable to get into the details but I can say how great of an experience it was. The cast and crew were

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Time Flies

Has been a great summer. Many auditions, making great contacts, learning and teaching but most important of all, having so much fun! Love this business. No business like… I was on set for Top Million Dollar Agent, a Octopus Media

Booked a BNN Commercial

The link below is a link from Fulcher Agency (Agency I am signed with) about the BNN Commercial I booked! Ray Booked BNN Commercial   Ray books BNN commercial  


If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?          

Personal Confidence

Okay first of all, I am not an educated / trained psychologist of any sort; my thoughts and experiences are being shared here. Take it or don’t – up to you. I will only allow meaningful comments about this subject.

Guest Blog Opportunity

  Hi there, if you are one of the many that seem to ask me if I am willing to have a guest blogger provide content for my blog, here is your opportunity. IF you would like to have a blog

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Star Wars.  Yes I AM A FAN and not ashamed of that. I have seen every one, loved them all and sure I will enjoy J.J. Abrams version(s) as well. Remember when the 1st Star Wars came out, I was

Oil @ $56 – $57 a barrel…

Okay this is rude. Oil is at $56-ish a barrel yet gas prices are stoopidly high.  WHY?  Greed, pure and simple.  The price of oil is low yet gas is at prices when oil cost MUCH more.  WHY? I am

Well now…

Hey there quick one for today. Ever say something that you regret but cannot take it back no matter what you say? Been there done that and I would like to say I am sorry and I’d love a another

Asking for suggestions on topics

Hi, 1st of all many thanks for taking the time to read this or my other  blog post(s).  More thanks if you take the time to respond or reply. This blog is a short one that consists of a question

Hey There!

Not sure if this will work or not but this blog post is seeking feedback, replies or comments from “My Readership ” about things you like to do. Please keep it clean, don’t want to have the cyber police that