Nerding out over a Shelby GT500

Yep, as a dork I test drove a 2012 Shelby GT500 September 2013.  Ever since I’ve been wondering / thinking how to get me one.

grabber blue 2012This 2012 Shelby GT500 has

  • Leather Recaro seats
  • SVT Performance Package.
  • Grabber Blue

A bit over priced (in my opinion) and is still available, so I am on the fence on making a reasonable offer (market value) for it.

Was searching the web for other 2012 Shelby GT500s and found the following

perf white 2012This 2012 Shelby has

  • SVT Performance Package
  • Navigation
  • Performance White

Unfortunately no Recaro seats but is more reasonably priced.  This one is about a 3 hour drive away, so if I go for it will be a long drive to do the paperwork.

Tough choice I like them both.  The SVT Performance Package, leather Recaro seats & Navigation package are the desirable options for me on a Shelby GT500. Am a fan of the Grabber Blue but the Performance White is nice on the Shelby GT500.

Who knows what I’ll get, if either… 😉

update; May 18, 2014; (on my bday – Jan 25, 2014) pulled the trigger and did the paperwork on the white Shelby GT500.


I am pleased with the transaction and I have driven this car for a few times. WHOA is all I have to say about this monster.  Still a little tentative to ‘get on it’ but ya, one heck of a great ride. Awesome stuff & feel very fortunate to be able to have it in my garage.

The car was delivered in February; sales man from the dealership was kind enough to send me some pictures of it being loaded on to the trailer for delivery.  Here is one of pics he sent.

being loaded on the truck for delivery
being loaded on the truck for delivery

Me and Sue (my wife) went for a cruise last weekend and we ended up in our old neighbourhood (Guild Inn – in Scarborough) and here is a picture of the GT500 in front of what is left of the Guildwood Inn.

cruising, Shelby GT500
parked by Guildwood Inn

Plan to have many smiles per mile with this one.  Life sure has it’s awesome moments, here is another in my life!





The new toy parked beside my 2003 Mach1 in the garage.  I bought the Mach 1 brand new, and it is my 1st ever new car. The second picture is them under their respective ‘blankie’.

guard dog, Mach 1, GT500
guard dog takes her place
car cover
covered Mustangs