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Fast forward to 2012 and living in Bethany, Ontario & was informed of an audition for a play with Little Lindsay Theatre. OH MY, nervous and excited all at once. An email is sent to the director and ask how or what is expected in the or for the audition. I was told just read from the script. Heck I can read so here goes…
Lisa (thank you!) the director gave me a chance and I was in my very 1st play.

first show ever

Have enjoyed the 4 of plays I was fortunate to be part of with the Lindsay Little Theatre. Met and performed with talented people there.

  1. Let’s Murder Marsha
  2. Clothes Encounters
  3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  4. When The Reaper Calls

I was able to meet up with MADS (Manvers Amateur Dramatic Society) and assisted as Tech Crew (curtains, sounds & lights) for their show

    “Curtain Up” Spring of 2014.  Met MORE talented actors and enjoyed their company.

Another Theatre Company was fortunate enough to be part of was Peterborough Theatre Guild in their production of
Enchanted April @ Peterborough Theatre Guild I played Mellersh Wilton.

Thanks Judy, I am not sure you really know how much I appreciated being part of Enchanted April.

Another play was the MADS fall show Men Are Dogs, and it was a great time for me.

Thank YOU Ann, I appreciated & enjoyed my time with MADS.

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